Radio & television: classic, efficient and a part of your media mix

Radio and television are timeless media outlets that offer a large reach. Radio and television ads can stimulate online search behaviour and help you reach more people than other media can. Both types of ads are different in terms of cost, usage and reach, but just as efficient as other ‘traditional’ media. And on top these ads can be used on streaming services, podcasts, on-demand telly and other modern applications as well.

What do our experts do?

We’ve got a great deal of in-depth expertise at Scroll Ahead— and we’d also love to help you with radio and television advertising.



Together, we determine the most suitable channels and message to pake your campaign powerful — and to reach the target group efficiently.

Creative concept

Based on your briefing, we come up with a strong creative concept that forms the basis for the radio and TV content we create together — and the rest of your campaign.


We prepare the entire production down to the last detail. This ensures that the recording runs smoothly and that we are ready to tackle any problems.


We’re looking for the voices, actors, and locations that will make your TV or radio spot help you build — and maintain — a competitive edge.


We take care of the production (including pre-production and post-production) down to the last detail, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. This can be done in our own studio or on location.

Media buying

We purchase broadcasting space on the radio and TV channels that align best with your brand and your message. After all, there can be no campaign without airtime.

Why trust in radio and television ads?

Modern applications like cinema ads, video ads on YouTube and audio ads on Spotify. Because they’re efficient ad media within anyone’s reach, radio and television are great ways to boost your sales, drive more traffic to your website or shopping location and generate long-term brand awareness. They do that just as well as modern channels.

Every day, we all seem to be turning our backs on ‘traditional’ media – but is that the truth? Popular television shows are timeless. Whether your target audience watches De Slimste Mens Ter Wereld, Wie Is De Mol?, Studio Voetbal or The Masked Singer, radio and television can help you find your target audience by putting your messages before or after the shows that reach them. Especially television ads can really tap into all the watcher’s senses, considering they combine both the visual and auditive aspects.

At iO, you’ll find experts in technology, strategy, content and marketing – who combine their extensive knowledge and expertise to help you make the right moves in radio and television. Using the right insights, advice, content and data analyses

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