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Taking that (successful) plunge into e-commerce? In that case, there’s plenty to be said about realising and running e-commerce in practice. That's why our experts seamlessly integrate the right e-commerce platform into your operations to best support your goals.

Our e-commerce services

Product information management (PIM)

A PIM system helps centralise product information (price, discount, description, stock information, availability, etc) in a single system. This way, you organise and enrich your product catalogue and ensure the right product experiences across your digital channels. Through each channel, you distribute consistent, correct information: a basic prerequisite for sustainable growth.

Product configurator

Displaying your products prominently online through photography? Good idea, but does that work for custom products that don’t even exist yet? Or products your visitor can put together himself? Our experts will guide you through the possibilities of (3D) renders and product configurators.



E-commerce platforms

E-commerce & marketplaces

Self-service portals

E-commerce strategy

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